Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Trade Forwarder Addon

Trade chat is a spamfest on most servers but I still pay attention to it while in town for that small chance that I’ll spot a great deal.

I use trade chat for the following:

1. Spotting flips – you can smell the desperation from some people who are trying to sell a high priced item fast,. I picked up 2 hilts for 7.5k each and flipped them for 11k – a total profit of 6400g for just a few minutes of work.

2. Finding Suppliers – In any market you’re serious about you’re going to need a ton of a certain item, for example in the glyph business you’ll want a lot of icethorn/adders/lichbloom. The cheaper you can get these materials the higher your profit be or the more room you’ll have to squeeze competitors out. Trade chat is the best place to find these suppliers as they’ll usually announce large quantities of items for sale at bulk discount prices.

3. People Looking to Buy High Priced Items – I usually have a lot of darkmoon cards on hand and while I keep around 2 of each on the AH at all times there are usually players who don’t like to check the AH (don’t know why) but will ask in trade chat “WTB STR Darkmoon card! PST” there’s a sales opportunity to move product faster.

The unfortunate thing about trade chat is that we have to be in a main city to view it, that means you’re missing out on gold making opportunities when you’re sitting around in a raid or AFK in an AV (just kidding :P ) but the addon TradeForwarder fixed that problem!

Trade Chat Forward to You

What this addon does is broadcast trade chat from anyone who has the addon installed currently in a town to everyone else with the addon regardless of their location.

That means the usefulness of the addon is dependant on how many people on your server have the addon installed, so spread the word! Email you’re friends the link to this post or on your guild forums etc.

You can download the addon over at curse: TradeForwarder

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  1. Nice tips!