Sunday, 5 September 2010

Turn 1000 gold into 2000 gold

Search your auction house for khorium ore and bars, if they are less than 10g per ore or 20g per bar, check the price of primal fireand make sure it isn't too high. If the price is right, buy up to 9 khorium bars (or 18 khorium ore and find a miner to smelt it) and three primal fire. Then advertise in trade that you are looking for an engineer, tipping (your choice, but I'd try 20g). Have the engineer make you three khorium power cores. I regularly sell these for 350g each, but they might take a while to sell.

Next, purchase the materials and find a blacksmith to craft you about 5 each of
eternium rod (you might want to buy the recipe in advance in case the blacksmith doesn't have it), adamantite rod,titanium rod, and fel iron rod. These will sell for 50 to 100 gold each. If cobalt bars can be gotten for cheap, you could have the blacksmith create 5 of the level 70 cobalt tanking sets for you, all of these items cost from 7 to 10 gold each to craft and sell for 30 to 40 gold.

Go to
Dealer Rashaad in netherstorm and buy some of the vendorpets to list on the auction house.

Buy some
thorium bars and arcane crystals if they are cheap and have an alchemist (transmute spec if possible) transmute them into arcanite bars for you. Preferably, do this before you talk to your blacksmith so he can craft some arcanite rods for you as well.

You could go to
Qia in winterspring, buy this recipe (might have to camp with an alt, she doesn't sell an infinite supply), give it to an enchanter along with a bunch of small brilliant shards and some armor vellums, and get some Scrolls of Enchant Chest - Major Health to sell. I sell these for 100g all the time on my server.

Well, that's about it, if you can't make 1000g turn into 2000g with some combination of these methods... well, try something else.


  1. It's all getting a bit catch-22, playing the market like this. Good method though, and a damn good book - read it sometime.

  2. When I pick up Wow come Cata, I'll try this :)

  3. Great man, I can't wait til Cataclysm comes out and I'm filthy rich